For Everything There is a Season

I am currently sitting on my bed, drinking a glass of wine, with music playing gently in the background in my new apartment.


If you don’t know what that means it basically just means to pause and soak in the moment. Last year at this time I was spending my days lying in my bed at my parents house wondering if I would ever be able to experience this moment. My life seemed over a year ago. And now it has opened to many possibilities.

It is so very surreal. I still can’t believe that this moment has come. I fought like hell for three years to get to this point. Even though I am not 100%, I am way better than I was. I mean come on, I am better enough to live on my own! I began to fear I would never be able to experience that. But here I am almost 28 and living on my own for the very first time.

I have lived with roommates in the past but this is a whole other experience. This place is my own. I don’t have to ask opinions or permission to decorate. I don’t have to worry if someone left a mess out in the common areas. I don’t have to get upset that someone didn’t pay their portion of the electric bill. I get to call the shots. I get to turn on my music on as loud as I want and dance around my kitchen! I get to wash the dishes when I want to. I can watch tv out in the living room and not worry if someone else is going to like what I am watching. This is a moment I always wanted. I wanted to opportunity, at some point in my single life, to live on my own. No roommates or family members. But after my health issues and car accident happened I didn’t know if that dream was even an option.

I thank God every day that I am here. That I am doing something I always wanted to do. Especially after a season of loosing my independence completely. This moment is just very precious to me because I had lost faith and hope that I would ever get the opportunity to be independent again.

It may seem very minuscule to some, me living on my own. But it is a huge accomplishment and I am going to relish every moment of it. It definitely hasn’t come with out it’s growing pains, in many ways, but it has been worth it. Oh, so very worth it.

My hope for you reading this is that something dear to your heart, that you imagined impossible, becomes a reality for you. No matter how big or small.


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