The Random Things I think (part 1)

I promised a lite-hearted post, so here is my lite-hearted post.

I am going to do a series of sorts, sharing my random thoughts. I want to make it a series because I’m constantly changing what it that randomly comes into my mind. As an normal person does ;). I really just want this to be something more fun. A different glimpse into my thoughts and maybe how crazy or silly I am, at times.

So, in all honesty some of these I have probably spent way too much time thinking about some of these. But again, just a glimpse into my interesting mind. So, lets beginning with part one.

  1. So, have you ever been watching a movie or tv show and the person has something in their hand, like a stack of books or something, then all of the sudden they have to go out of the room, for some reason, leaving the stack of books or whatever behind. And I always wonder if the person goes back and picks up those things or does someone steal them? What happens to the inanimate objects that get forgotten all of the sudden? I know, something that I have spent way too much time thinking about. Because obviously it isn’t real life and it’s just a scene and no one cares about the books. But I have spent a lot of time thinking about it.
  2. Okay, this one I definitely know I have spent too much time thinking about. Everyone always says that tomatoes are a fruit, not a vegetable, because they have seeds. But in all reality they are the only ones; cucumbers do, bell peppers do, avocados do and I’m sure there are a couple more. But then why do tomatoes get singled out for being called a fruit even though we treat it like a vegetable. So, my thought is what if we made a separate category for the poor vegetables with seeds? (again, I’ve thought too much about all this. And it gets better.) I have even thought of what the group could be called, we could call them fruigetables and fruiggies. Yup, there you go, the inside of my brain is a wondrous place and feel free to laugh at the craziness.
  3. Okay, does anyone know of someone who cooks potatoes in the microwave? Well, my mom does but the thing that I wonder is is it really a baked potato if it is cooked in the microwave? (This thought brought to you by family dinner.)
  4. So, my family has lived in Texas for several years and I’ve come back and forth from the town they live in over the years. And I will never get over their verbiage of different things. Such as calling a basket ball hoop a “basket ball goal”. Colored pencils are called map colors. “Fixin’ to” does not mean a person will fix something but rather it means going or doing something. And a bunch of other random things that don’t make sense to a person who was raised in the north 😉

5. Does anyone else ever wonder if dogs think like humans? I mean they each have different personalities so do they think or how do they think? Also, what do dogs dream about? One of our dogs was dreaming the other day and her tail was waging while she was. I’m just curious about the mind of a dog.

6. This one is a little more deep or serious. I’ve been thinking a lot about how offended a lot of people are in our country. But when I look at the big picture of it all I realize that the generation before me are the biggest offenders in being offended. Not to say there aren’t people in my generation that are that way too. But overall I feel that the older generations are overly offended and our generation is sick of it. But because that’s what we’ve been taught, even though we want equality and to just work together, when there is a subject that we are passionate about people get easily offended when someone thinks opposite of them. From my personal experience it’s because when you want to share your experience, calmly, the other person gets all huffy and wont listen to your side. So, it just causes more tension and separation. I could go on, but I’ll leave it at that.

Hope you all enjoyed a little insight to my thoughts. Again, I plan on making this a series so stay tuned for more insights into my brain.



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